Electing Political Party

Central and State Political Party

From many decades Karnataka has facing opposite central government issue (ಮಲತಾಯಿ ದೋರಣೆ). I.e. now we have BJP as Political Party is ruling government in Karnataka and congress is the ruling government in Central. Since both the parties are opposite national parties, central congress government is not releasing funds to Karnataka properly.Same issue was faced even in the last elections i.e. Karnataka was ruled by congress (Krishna and Dharam sing as chief ministers) and at central we had BJP government so again it was opposite central government issue (Malathayi Dorane).

Solution for Karnataka

Best solution for this issue to elect regional party i.e BSR in north Karnataka and JDS or KJP in South Karnataka and let both of them lead joint Government (Samyuktha Sarkara) and let them support Central government irrespective of congress or BJP rules central government.

Lets Consider Kaveri Problem. Central Government Congress supported Tamil Nadu. Because we have Tamil Nadu has DMK which is supporting central government from outside. Hence Lets have a regional party in Karnataka.

Have a look into list of political party in Karnataka Click Here.

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2 thoughts on “Electing Political Party

  1. karthik

    BSY have played important role in development of BJP in karnataka. But from past one year he play very important role for development of congress but not directly

  2. rakesh

    last 64 years all party had only only declaration we will provided best basic thinks food water and home but no body can did still my nation citizen are not geeting two time food i can’t believe those all party they only need to make a leader
    if they are realy india they will tye to follw india hero who had fight to india FREEDAM FIGHTER
    shayed ya kange aisa nahi laga raha hai we need to once agin realy india hero shivaji,gandi,kittur channam sagoli rayana


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