Congress List of MLA Candidates of 2013 Elections.

Congress List of MLA Candidates

MLA Candidate NamePlace NameVote
SiddaramaiahVarunaClick Here to Vote
AmbareeshMandyaClick Here to Vote
MaheshAthaniClick Here to Vote
Madhu GMMaddurClick Here to Vote
Venkatesh NayakDevadurgaClick Here to Vote
B.K. ChadrashekarBasavanagudiClick Here to Vote
V ShrinivasaprasadNanjanagudClick Here to Vote
H P ManjunathHunasurClick Here to Vote
DodaswamegowdakrishnarajanagarClick Here to Vote
K venkateshPiriyapatnaClick Here to Vote
Pradip B TVirajpetClick Here to Vote
A B Malaka ReddyYadgirClick Here to Vote
Sharana Basava DarshanapurShahapurClick Here to Vote
Yashavanth GowdaIndiClick Here to Vote
H R HalagurNagothanaClick Here to Vote
M B PatelBabaleshwarClick Here to Vote
Shivananda S PatelBasavana BagevadiClick Here to Vote
A S PatelDevara HiparagiClick Here to Vote
Appaji S NadagowdaMuddebihalClick Here to Vote
Vijayananda KashapanavarHunagundaClick Here to Vote
Jagadish PatelBhilagiClick Here to Vote
Siddu nyame GowdaJamkhandiClick Here to Vote
R B ThimapurMudholClick Here to Vote
Ravindra YaligaraSaundatti YellammaClick Here to Vote
Basavaraj KoujalagiBailhongalClick Here to Vote
D B YinamdarKuthuruClick Here to Vote
Firoz ShetBelagavi NorthClick Here to Vote
Lakshmi HebalkarBelagavi CityClick Here to Vote
Satish JanakiholiYamakanmardiClick Here to Vote
Ramesh UtagiArabhaviClick Here to Vote
Sham Bhim GaltekudachiClick Here to Vote
Prakash HukeriChikodiClick Here to Vote
Kakasaheb Pandurang PatilNippaniClick Here to Vote
B RaghuSullia (SC)Click Here to Vote
B Ramnath RaiBantwalClick Here to Vote
K Vasanth BangeraBelthangadyClick Here to Vote
Malesh DSakleshpurClick Here to Vote
A ManjuArkalgudClick Here to Vote
H G AnupamaHolenarasipuraClick Here to Vote
H K MaheshHassanClick Here to Vote
Rudresha GowdaBelurClick Here to Vote
B ShivaramArsikereClick Here to Vote
K B ChandrashekarK R PeteClick Here to Vote
Suresh GowdaNagamangalaClick Here to Vote
Sadath Ali KhanChannapatnaClick Here to Vote
D K ShivakumarKanakapuraClick Here to Vote
MaridevruRamanagaramClick Here to Vote
A ManjunathMagadiClick Here to Vote
A ManjunathMagadiClick Here to Vote
Anjana MurtyNelamangalaClick Here to Vote
Ravi L DMelukoteClick Here to Vote
N NagarajHoskoteClick Here to Vote
N NagarajHoskoteClick Here to Vote
Dinesh Gundu RaoGandhinagarClick Here to Vote
Shivanna BAnekalClick Here to Vote
Prasad AbbaiahHubli DharwadClick Here to Vote
Mahadeva PrasadGundlupetClick Here to Vote
K J JaajSarvagna NagarClick Here to Vote
Prasanna KumarPulakeswar NagarClick Here to Vote
Narendra BabuMahalakshmi LayoutClick Here to Vote
B L ShankarDasarahalliClick Here to Vote
C PuttarangashettyChamarajanagarClick Here to Vote
JayannaKollegalaClick Here to Vote
R NarendraHanuruClick Here to Vote
H C MahadevappaNarasipura (SC)Click Here to Vote
VasuChamarajanagarClick Here to Vote
Somashekar M KKrishna RajaClick Here to Vote
M SatyanarayanChamundeshwariClick Here to Vote
Gopala PujariBayandurClick Here to Vote
B B RamaswamykunigalClick Here to Vote
Chadrappa B NMudigereClick Here to Vote
K N GadiNavalgundClick Here to Vote
Ajamphir KandriShivangiClick Here to Vote
Shivram HebaraYellapurClick Here to Vote
Sharada Mohan ShettyKumtaClick Here to Vote
U T KaadharMangaloreClick Here to Vote
R V DeshpandeHariyalaClick Here to Vote
John Richard LoboMangalore SouthClick Here to Vote
R V DeshpandeHaliyalClick Here to Vote
K Abhaya Chandra JainMoodabidriClick Here to Vote
K Vasanth BangeraBelthangadyClick Here to Vote
Gopala KrishnaMolakalmuruClick Here to Vote
K N RajannaMadhugiriClick Here to Vote
S KudligiPavagadaClick Here to Vote
VenkateshPavagadaClick Here to Vote
V ThukaramSandurClick Here to Vote
JayachandraShiraClick Here to Vote
Honnagiri GowdaGubiClick Here to Vote
ParameshwarKortgereClick Here to Vote
B M NagarajShiraguppaClick Here to Vote
Nagaraj GujalKampliClick Here to Vote
AbdulVijaya Nagar (Bellary)Click Here to Vote
MarannaHagaribommanahalliClick Here to Vote
Parameswar NayakHadagaliClick Here to Vote
Narayan YalachavadiTumkur VillageClick Here to Vote
Narayan YalachavadiTumkur VillageClick Here to Vote
KariyannaShimoga VillageClick Here to Vote
Vadnal RajannaChannagiriClick Here to Vote
ShivamurthyMayakondaClick Here to Vote
Rafiq AhamadTumakurClick Here to Vote
ShadkshariThipaturClick Here to Vote
MallikarjunaKadurClick Here to Vote
Shante GowdaChikmagalurClick Here to Vote
ChadrappaMadikeri (SC)Click Here to Vote
Raje GowdaSringeriClick Here to Vote
S RamappaHariharaClick Here to Vote
H Gopala BhadariKarkalaClick Here to Vote
M P RavindraHarapanahalliClick Here to Vote
H B RameshJagalurClick Here to Vote
Pramod MadhwarajUdupiClick Here to Vote
H AnjaneyaHolalkereClick Here to Vote
Miladi Shivaram ShettyKundapurClick Here to Vote
GopalaBainduruClick Here to Vote
Govindappa B GHosadurgaClick Here to Vote
Kumar BangarappaSurabaClick Here to Vote
G S ManjunathChitradurgaClick Here to Vote
Kagodu ThimmappaSagaraClick Here to Vote
T RaghumurthiChallakereClick Here to Vote
Shantha Veerappa GowdaShikaripurClick Here to Vote
Kimmane RatnakarThirthahalliClick Here to Vote
K B Prasanna KumarShimogaClick Here to Vote
H K PatelGadagClick Here to Vote
Sidlingappa DodamaniShirahattiClick Here to Vote
Raghavendra HitnalKoppalClick Here to Vote
Vinay KulkarniDharwadClick Here to Vote
Chinnabasappa ShivaliKundgolClick Here to Vote
K.N GaddiNavalgundClick Here to Vote
M SampangiBagepalliClick Here to Vote
B.K KoliwadaRanebennurClick Here to Vote
B.C. PatelHirekerurClick Here to Vote
Shivashankar ReddyGowribidanurClick Here to Vote
SomashekarYeshwanthpurClick Here to Vote
Basavaraj ShivannavarByadgiClick Here to Vote
Krishna Byre GowdaByatarayanapuraClick Here to Vote
Rudrappa LamaniHaveriClick Here to Vote
Gopala KrishnaYalahankaClick Here to Vote
Ajampir KhadriShiggaonClick Here to Vote
Nazir AhamadKolarClick Here to Vote
Shivaram HebarYellapurClick Here to Vote
Narayana SwamyBangarapet(SC)Click Here to Vote
Shanthana Gowda D.GHonnaliClick Here to Vote
V MuniyappaSidlaghattaClick Here to Vote
J.D NayakbhatkalClick Here to Vote
Vani Krishna ReddychintamaniClick Here to Vote
Ramesh KumarSrinivaspurClick Here to Vote
Devraj PatelBadamiClick Here to Vote
Kiran PatelKagvadClick Here to Vote
Kiran PatelKagvadClick Here to Vote
Ashok PatanRamdurgaClick Here to Vote
UmashreeTerdalClick Here to Vote
RameshArabhaviClick Here to Vote
UmashreeTerdalClick Here to Vote
Ramalinge GowdaBTMClick Here to Vote
Ramesh JarkiholiGokakClick Here to Vote

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74 thoughts on “Congress List of MLA Candidates of 2013 Elections.

      1. Modi4PM

        I dont want to see UPA 3 in Central, already they ruined our country, total disaster. We have to choose the candidates who will develop country. Gujarat CM is best in Action .No one can match this visionary leader.

        1. Shiva

          at any cost this time NaMo should be the P M or else this country will be divided again and congress will be blamed for that also.

  1. paul

    people think Mr. baswaraj is the best congress candidate from kr puram ward. other wise it will favor only BJP. So be cautious of electing candidate for kr puram,

    1. MS Sivam

      Mr.Basavaraj may be given a chance in this election, when compared to Mr.Krishnappa, As he has worked for the people for the last 5 years rigoriusly, Peoples mandate will be for him

    2. The Creator

      Mr.Paul ppl r not fool to vote some one they no who had done work who has not done., jst to become MLA some one comes a plays a hungama and trying to divert ppl its not gonna happen. Mr.Nandishreddy has done work for our constuency so its now gonna b ppl’s turn den no whom to elect n whom not to elect

  2. jayadev

    people think & god father of shamnur shivashankrappa norh & south
    best candidate in davanagere

  3. Manjesh

    Mr.Nagesh T should be candidate for Mahadevapura constituency other wise Limbavali from BJP will win easily.

    1. Sathish

      I also vote for MR T Nagesh candidature for Mahadevpura Constituency. he can sure make congress make or break in the forth coming election

    2. shilpa

      ac srinivas will win…….
      nagesh is a not right…….
      100% ac srinivas will win …..
      only he can win aganist limbavali…… 100%

      1. ramu

        ya u r right ac srinivas is best…..
        n nagesh is not a gud candidate n ac srinivasa anna neene gelu…… all da best anna……
        nene namma nayaka……………..

        1. sujan .yemlore

          who is this srinivas and from where he came. he is not a mahadevapura Constituency person. he is out of Constituency he is not eligible person to participate in election’s . he came from outside and also he has given money (corruption or corrupted ) for all the local leaders ,corporator’s he made all the leaders to send his only name in panel not others hope the local Constituency person will get the ticket…………..

          1. anil reddy

            AC Srinivas is a eligible person n he is frm bangalore only n tell me who and where limbavali is frm n he is not at all belongs to dis constituency n nagesh is CORRUPTED n having many cases which are infinite and he gave money for protest and all n becoz of dat corrupted or culprit nagesh, one poor man died . OK… n for ur kind information mr ac srinivasa was zp prez , where he was elected frm mahadevpura constituency itself better knw and comment

          2. sujan .yemlore

            hello sir i’m not BJp party person i’m also a congress party worker i don’t want about t.nagesh leave him. what about other people in the Constituency even they applied no……before saying to others. 1st u shld know. i’m 100% sure srinivas not belongs to this Constituency he is not eligible ……….. one more thing srinivas is CORRUPTED

          3. anil reddy

            if you are 100% sure am 200% sure that he is eligible u got it and he is not corrupted and how can u say he is not eligible ???? do you know him better know a person and speak okay…..

          4. mochan

            As u say i agree he is eligible….
            prove me weather srinivas belongs to mahadevpura Constituency or not . all the people in Constituency are saying srinivas is not belongs to this area. he is 4m out of area……… money will not be with u only truth will be with u sir 1st understand and talk .

          5. prabhakar

            if u say ac srinivasa is out of constituency so were is limbavali from he is from so far away place he came here he won became minister and ac srinivas just leaves next to mahadevpura and u tell he is out side he actully have his voting inside mahadvpura if u want u can check it.if u wont the proof go check were ever u want

  4. Sathya

    Mr. Basavaraj is the right candidate for K R Puram from congress. He had helped so much to the people. All the people are waiting for anouncement of list and all are favour of Mr. Basavaraj. If he not get the seat than BJP will win in K R Puram. This is 100% true.

  5. kishore

    A krishnappa should be MLA candidate for KR Puram for all the ggod works he is done when he was elected. This time its for sure A Krishnappa will win .


      KRISHNAPPA WILL NOT WINNER HE LOSE THIS ELECTION basavaraj is right candidate for k.r. purm constitutions

  6. zia pathan

    latifkhan pathan oly must get d congress set in belgaum north coz noone can work like latif khan ……

  7. altaf

    the 1 n only personality in belgaum north mla Candidate mr ferozsait [sultan mirza] for peace and betterment .we request the high command to do the needful ……

  8. hi friends ,,,,,,,,

    hi friends ,,,,,,,,,,,,

    first we have to see what the congress have done for people .from freedom time congress is rule party in central ,what have they made for us .please think and vote for modi.

  9. hi friends ,,,,,,,,

    in kr puram we have to see what MLA have done for us ,,,,,,,congress come to the ruling then we have suffer again .nandish reddy have done kaveri underground drainage ,roads ,,,,,,,,,he had made good works.pls support good person ,,,,,,,,dont go back of money and liquor ,,,,,we are educated people ,think twice and vote for correct person.


      nandiesh reddy is good person he done the lot of work but BJP name is not good in this election 2013

  10. chandramohan

    MR. A muniyappa (yemlore) should be the candidate for mahadevapura constituency
    this time . he is the senior congress leader and party worker . he done his best for the
    congress party. he is there in the party from 30 and more years. if he is the candidate this time. then 100% the congress party will win other wise BJP candidate arvind limbavali or other parties will win this time also. the people of mahadevapura constituency are willing to vote MR.A muniyappa in the elections this time……………

    1. sujan .yemlore

      i agree in u sir MR. A muniyappa (yemlore) is right candidate for mahadevpura all the best muniyappa sir we all no this time u r the MLA …………………………for our area

  11. vinay.M


  12. Hai friends

    Mr chalavdi Narayan swamy is the best candidate for c v Raman nagar ..he is worked a lot and helped poor people also ..we kindly request to elect best candidate ..

  13. chilly

    hi frinds
    chilly from b.naryanapura in k.r.purm constituency nandishreddy is the best m.l.a for ever i hv seen pls try to vode for gud thing nt for money try to prove ur slf for gud nt for bad

  14. Shareef Jokatte

    Vijaya Kumar Shetty is the best and winning candidate for Mangalore North, he is very secular, honest and worker.

  15. Reddy

    I think Youth has to be given chance and a person from the Reddy Community would be the best opponent for the Reddy BJP opponent in KR Puram rather than any other person. I go with a well educated and Qualified Pramodh for Kr Puram

  16. pramila.m

    Mr.A.Krishanappaji has to get the ticket for k.r.puram from congress his contrubution for the constncy is unforgetable.

  17. Arun Kumar

    I think Sonia Gandhi ji, Rahul Gandhi and other congress leaders need to focus more towards people’s choice/ candidate. Several thousands of followers and congress party workers are expecting their mentor M.A Gopal Swamy to contest from Shravanabelagola constituency.

    Seniors and superior state party members should not focus in aligning this responsibility to their personal followers which is against the Democratic country. If so then this would result in great loss to the Congress Party, its followers and several thousand innocent people from the Shravanabelagola constituency.

  18. ram

    MR. A.muniyappa (yemlore) is the right candidate for the mahadevapura constituency
    when we check the list who all applied for MLA seat then we can know muniyappa(yemlore) is the most senior party worker (35and more years) if he is the candidate this time 100% sure he’ll win. most of the people are waiting for his name
    to be announced . all the best sir. we pray to god that you should be the winner this time………

  19. manoj

    Regarding who is the best or winning canditate in K R puram?
    Birthi Basavaraj – I Don’t know much about Basavaraj to be frank, only thing what i know about Basavaraj is that, while entering KR Puram You could see Big banner posted by him or his supporters, I have seen few pics on tanker that provides water. However he has marketed himslef really well in very short period. I have not heard any negative things about him till now.

    Nandeesh Reddy – I have attended the meeting conducted by him in previous election, he did make certain promise majorly about water, drainage and roads. I would say that has has lived upto the expections. I could see some good work done. I would like to say he is man of his words. Moreover he is young, energetic and educated.

  20. munna

    About the k r puram histry one of the most important and honestly worked past 30 to 35yer only one person Mr A KRISHNAPPA. So please im requesting you to Mr A Krishnappa is the right person for k r puram m l a.

    1. adarsh

      The worst minister i have seen in my life is Mr Krishnappa, other than his caste people he has not helped anybody, he has not done any work which was useful for public.

  21. madhu

    Dornal parmesh is the right candidate for congress in Tarikere constituency…who can emerge as a strong leader

  22. Venugopal

    From last 5 yrs there is no drainage, water supply and tar road in Hormavu agahara, balaji Layout…..
    The present MLA ( Nandish Reddy) has not taken any care for this area, he has did good things to Malappa layout and Bank avenue
    What is the sin committed by Balaji layout ward people….. Please do good for all the area and location once elected…. No Bias…..

  23. anju

    Mr. Rafiq Khanapuri has been a very dedicated and hardworking candidate of congress in Khanapur Taluka but his name is unseen in the candidate list of 2013 elections.
    Though he wasn’t a MLA in the recent past but he has served helping hand for everyone who approached him be it a farmer or a clerk or any unemployed person .

  24. Govinda swamy

    Basavaraj is the best candidate in K.R puram constituency…he has done many good works… please support him … we wish he wins this MLA election…:-)

  25. Sunder

    Why people fight for seats & power,Do you think they want to serve people & do some social work.Those days have gone & we need to think smartly before choosing the right person who can atleast commit & visit the entire constiuency & do 50% of work if he/she is elected.That’s all ppl expect & we are not bothered how much money they make.They have already made money for 10 generations & hence spend few crores for the seat & elections.

  26. Sunder

    Mr.Byrathi Basavarj & Mr.Nandiesha Reddy have born rich & they have not become rich over night like other politicians.Mr.Krishnappa was a ordinary ITI employee & today he is worth some crores.Who has made money?

  27. Niranjan

    How I wish S M Krishna (Congress) was 10 years younger to contest in this elections !! There’s no better qualified leader in the state today unfortunately.

    Going forward, I hope it’s going to be BJP with Modi as the PM in the center; and BJP with “whoever” as the CM in KA will result in better development in Karnataka. We as voters should make sure that we avoid any coalition government in our state. Although BJP has been fighting internally, as they lacked a suitable CM candidate, it’s better to have BJP in the state than any new party coming to power, for the good of people. At least the initiatives taken for certain infrastructure development works will continue and probably there will be less government official transfers which will not hinder work progress. I would have loved to vote for a Party better than BJP, unfortunately there’s none better at the moment.

    p.s: I’m not any party worker, just a common man living in Bangalore.

  28. lawrence.a

    How do U know sir. Basavaraj is the wright person for kr Puram and What he did in Hoodi as a corparator.
    Money will make many thinks sir. But truth will stand forever.


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